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Latex Printing vs Solvent Printing

The Difference Between Latex vs Solvent Printing Let’s look at latex vs solvent printing and how they are different. What is latex printing? As the successor to solvent-based technology, latex printing has wider applications, offering quicker turnaround times and superior quality output. Latex ink printing also has no lengthy curing requirements so the profit potential […]

5 Digital Printing and Cutting Tips for Marketing

Digital Printing & Cutting These digital printing and cutting tips can enhance your business or product marketing efforts. They will provide you with a wide range of different shapes and sizes for products not normally associated with printing. Spruce up your merchandising or in-store promotional material by utilizing these unique digital printing and cutting tips. […]

Top 9 Vinyl Banner Printing Design Tips

Vinyl Banner Printing Tips When it comes to the design, is important to focus on simplicity and contrast when vinyl banner printing. After all, you usually only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention and to get them to read your message. If the text font is too small, the banner message will blend […]

Does Paper Affect Print Quality?

The answer to the question, “Does paper quality affect printing?” is yes. Paper does indeed affect print quality since all paper is not created equal; and that’s a good thing! The chemistry inherent on the surface of paper has a direct affect on the paper’s printability, its gloss, and its waterproofing qualities. If you’ve ever […]

Understanding Printing Terms

Difference in Printing Booklets, Brochures, Flyers, Etc In this post we’ll look at some common questions and printing terms that our Phoenix AZ printing team often gets asked about. For instance, “What’s the difference between printing booklets, brochures, flyers, and mailers?” Yes, these are all similar promotional materials used by businesses, schools, charities, and other […]

Professional Printer Maintenance Contracts – Benefits

How Much Money Can You Save? Talk to us about PRI Graphics’ Printer Maintenance Contracts and On Site Printer Services for Your Office. Many medium and large sized companies are discovering the cost saving benefits of organizing a printer maintenance service agreement for on-site printer services in their offices. Office and equipment managers can actually […]

The Difference Between Pamphlet and Brochure

It soon becomes evident, no matter where you look online, that many people are not sure about pamphlet and brochure difference. There can also be many conflicting definitions to describe pamphlet vs brochure and the differences in definitions can be between different countries and even between various regions within the same country. Perhaps the most […]

Trade Show Graphics Ideas

Let Your Trade Show Booth Do the Marketing for You For many businesses, trade shows and trade show graphics are necessities. It’s also true that at every trade show event, you and your coordinators are probably looking at the other venders to see what they are doing, in the hopes of finding more great trade […]

Infographic Digital Printing & Large Format Technology

The world of large format printing and digital printing has witnessed a tremendous transformation thanks to new printing technology as the printing infographic below will show. We’ve witnessed an explosion of different kinds of digital works of arts, plus large format printing that feature many other forms of unique print designs. Inevitably, the world of […]