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Top 10 Trends for 2019 Commercial Wall Coverings

There’s a continuing trend towards the use of designer commercial wall coverings, murals, and commercial wall graphics in office and business settings.

This continues to be fueled by the growing flexibility, functionality, and variety of wall coverings that have flooded the market. When it comes to style, color combinations, and unique designs for office wall coverings, the choices are now virtually endless.

Today’s top architectural wall covering designers continue to offer all kinds of unique and creative wall covering materials and textures. Options range from fabrics and faux wall panels to printed cork, reclaimed wood, and vinyl graphics printing.

However, with today’s advanced inkjet printing technology and sophisticated printing equipment, it’s easy for business owners to keep up with the trends. They now have the option to custom print commercial wall coverings and murals of their own design. In fact, Printing Impressions, an authority on emerging print industry trends and technologies, even offers a Top 10 Trends for 2019 Webinar.

In this post, our Phoenix printers at PRI Graphics list 10 of the hottest trends for 2019 in custom printed commercial wall coverings.

Options for Commercial Wall Coverings

  1. Enlarged Photos – Photo wall murals can be printed in color or in black and white and the subject matter can be personal or anything that accurately reflects your business. With photo wall coverings, it’s important to use only high-quality images that have a very high resolution so the image will still look great once it is enlarged.
  2. Custom Graphics – Along with photos, today’s printing technology allows you to custom print virtually any type of graphic on vinyl wall coverings, limited only by your own vision and creativity.
  3. Faux Fabrics – Virtually any type of fabric texture, weave, pattern, fiber, or color can be simulated and printed on vinyl wall coverings allowing you to personalize your commercial wall space, including printed leather textures.
  4. Stone Tile – If you are looking for commercial wall coverings with natural textures that mirror the outdoors then have your wall graphics printed to look like a stone, granite, masonry, concrete, or even marble.
  5. Textured Wall Tile – Today’s wall covering designers have a passion for creating surface textures. These can be simulated by printing office wall coverings for your office or business that recreate colored glass tiles, or metals (like copper or stainless steel) and other more tactile looking surfaces.
  6. Natural Wood – Digitally printed veneers can be printed on vinyl wall coverings to simulate all types of natural wood and timbers.
  7. Stenciled Shapes – Commercial wall coverings with unique patterns and motifs can add visual interest to a blank wall. Choose your own patterns, shapes, and colors to represent your industry and have them printed into office wall murals.
  8. Vintage Wallpaper – Vinyl records are making a comeback and so are vintage wallpaper designs. Vintage wall coverings have a warm charm about them and offer distinctive, recognizable patterns that are still immensely popular.
  9. Architectural Patterns – By manipulating light, shadow, and materials you can create distinctive compositions with architectural aesthetics, creating works of modern art or even cultural symbols.
  10. Industrial Patterns – Found objects and re-purposed materials that highlight inherent beauty have been quite popular in recent years and this concept can be utilized to bring contemporary and traditional together to create truly inspiring commercial wall coverings.

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