What Is Variable Data Printing?

Many companies need and utilize variable printing to help conduct their businesses successfully, but exactly what is variable data printing and how does it work?

In this blog post, our Phoenix printing experts at PRI Graphics will take a closer look at variable information printing (as it is also known) including how it works and how you can use it in your business.

How Variable Data Printing Works

For centuries after the invention of the printing press during the mid-1400s, printers could only mass-produce single documents that delivered a single message.

With variable information printing, we can now print thousands of unique documents without slowing, pausing, or stopping the print run. All of the documents can still have the same basic layout (including logos and branding). However, through the power of sophisticated software and a computer database, as the documents print certain elements such as text or graphics can be changed from one page to the next. This means that you can print customized messages on any sized printing run, from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

What Is Variable Data Printing Used for?

Digital printing provides businesses with a lot of flexibility when it comes to on-demand affordable printing options. Digital variable printing can range from just simple mail merging to more complicated “versioning” that allows you to customize your printing for the different markets you service.

Companies can now use this type of data printing to print a host of customized materials including:

  • Individualized postcard advertising
  • Customized direct marketing materials such as mailers, brochures, booklets, and more
  • Unique labels and tailored packaging materials
  • Personalized letters and correspondence (ideal for invoicing or for customer relationship management strategies)

Variable data printing also means that you can easily adjust your marketing campaigns on future print runs in order to improve ROI. See our post on Creating Print-Ready Files.

About PRI Graphics

At PRI Graphics, our printing experts believe that for businesses to succeed in such a competitive marketplace it is vitally important to work with the right printing partner. We have specialized printing equipment, software technology, experience, and flexibility for variable data printing on multiple platforms.

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EFI (Electronics for Imaging), an online resource for print businesses, offers more in-depth information in their excellent PDF file entitled, VDP-Variable Data Printing.


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