3 panel custom printed wall art.

Custom Canvas Printing and Framing

Originally known as fine art printing or giclee printing, custom canvas printing is the most common means of reproducing fine artwork and digital photography.

Large canvas prints feature infused images that have penetrating and energetic colors; colors that can’t be reproduced using traditional flat printing methods on paper or vinyl. A canvas print adds depth and texture to your artwork, photography, or other business renderings that are simply beyond comparison to other methods of image reproduction.

Glossy vs Matte Canvas Printing

Images created through custom canvas printing are permanent and come in glossy or matte finishes with no glare or reflections from the printed photos. Glossy and matte canvas prints are lightweight and can easily be mounted on walls around your living area, work, or presentation space.

Large canvas printing (or giclee printing) is a printing process that reproduces your image or photograph onto a canvas material generally made from cotton or polyester. Once applied, the printed canvas can then be wrapped around a borderless frame, or framed traditionally depending on your tastes.

Who Uses Canvas Printing Services

Custom canvas printing can be utilized across a wide spectrum of users including:

ARTISTS & PAINTERS – All types of artists and painters use large canvas prints to replicate their artwork and create prints for sale.

PHOTOGRAPHERS  – From hobbyists to professional photographers and photojournalists, photo canvas printing allows them to promote their photo-artistic abilities and offer custom prints as a service to their clients and customers.

DEVELOPERS & CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES Canvas printing can also be used to render architectural drawings and finished projects for lobby and display purposes, or in project sales offices.

CORPORATIONS & BUSINESSES Canvas printing services are also utilized to develop tradeshow backdrops, booth display pieces, and convention displays. Printing on canvas is ideal for when companies want to provide unique portrayals of products and services that will stand out and help draw in attention.

GENERAL PUBLIC An individual might also use custom canvas printing to render those old family photographs they have spent years scanning and enhancing.

This type of printing is a fresh alternative to the flat and lifeless images we’re used to seeing. See also, our post on Wallpaper Mural Printing.

About PRI Graphics

PRI Graphics is a Phoenix AZ printing company that offers wide format printing, CAD printing, and digital printing services, including printing on canvas. Talk to our highly trained print professionals if you have any questions about custom canvas printing.

To learn more about digital printing at PRI Graphics or about custom canvas printing, fill out the online contact form.

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To learn more about giclee custom canvas printing from the artists’ perspective,  read this interesting article by FineArtViews entitled, How to Price Giclee Prints.

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