What is White Ink Printing?

Did you know that new digital white ink printing technology now allows us to print on dark paper?

Up until fairly recently, printing with the color white was but a dream. This is because most inks used in offset printing are translucent and translucent ink does not cover dark paper.

Opaque inks are sometimes an option but they still require several applications, which increases the cost and turnaround time. Plus, the printing shop would have to spend a considerable amount of time cleaning the printer to ensure that the remains of any other ink colors were wiped clean.

Another option to achieve this effect was to reverse print, where white letters were created by printing a dark background, leaving the actual white letters blank or void of ink. Read more

Incorporate Vinyl Graphics Printing into Your Marketing

Have you considered custom vinyl printing as a way to get more graphics and life into your branding and marketing efforts?

Our graphics design specialists at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ have put together these unique ideas on how you can use custom vinyl graphics printing and cutting to make your company and your message stand out. Read more