Advertising Benefits of Vehicle Graphics and Wraps

Advertising vehicle graphics and wraps are an excellent way to promote your business, your brand, or an event. However, many people are not aware of the full benefits or ease of using car wraps.

In this article, our printing team at PRI Graphics in Phoenix Arizona highlight some of the unique benefits of custom vinyl vehicle graphics and wraps.

Perfect for Marketing

As powerful marketing and branding tools for fleet vehicles, custom vehicle graphics and wraps work for you every time one of your trucks, vans, or wrapped cars hit the road. Wraps with bright coloured vehicle graphcis draw attention, and your vehicles will stand out from your competitors every time.

Car Wraps Are Easy to Install

Vehicle graphics and wraps cannot only be installed easily and quickly by a qualified person, but they can also be removed quite easily. This gives you much more flexibility when it comes to continuous marketing changes or upgrades.

Car Wraps Can Cost A Lot Less than A Paint Job

High end paint jobs are expensive and can cost up to three times as much as a custom vehicle wrap. Like many of our clients, you can consider installing vehicle graphics as an investment in your own, personal, rolling billboard. Your advertising on a full car wrap can potentially reach tens of thousands of potential customers.

Wraps Protect Your OEM Paint

You can advertise your business or brand with custom vehicle graphics and wraps without having to worry about damaging your vehicle’s OEM paint job. The vinyl car wraps will protect your original paint from rocks and chips, thereby also improving your vehicle’s resale value, since vehicle graphics can easily be removed by a specialist without damaging the paint.

Car Wraps Are Removable

Launching a new local program for your business? Replacing your car wraps or vehicle graphics can be done for a fraction of what it would cost for traditional advertising (in almost any other medium). Applying new vehicle wraps will generate new interest in your business every time your re-wrapped vehicle rolls out onto the pavement.

Local Focus You Can’t Buy

Targeting a local market? Don’t underestimate the power of local branding with vehicle wraps, signs, and decals. Fleet vehicle graphics and wraps are the perfect form of advertising for business owners that live in the same area that they do business in.

No Downsides to Vehicle Graphics

There are so many good reasons to use a vehicle graphics printer to help promote your brand and products. Visit our Phoenix printers and ask us about vehicle graphics and car wraps, or fence wraps to help promote your business or brand.

We can be reached locally at 602-393-3131 or by calling toll free at 1-877-409-8889. Visit our PRI Graphics printers in either Phoenix or Mesa, Arizona.

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What Is Construction Project Closeout?

From the beginning of a construction project to the construction project closeout, every document revision, addition, or edit needs to be clearly documented, recorded, and archived.

As the construction project comes to a completion the final “as-built” construction plans, along with any warranties and specification manuals, are some of the deliverables that must be summarized in a final construction project closeout report.

All applicable activities related to the construction project involving any and all construction phases, as well as the formal closure will be included in the project closeout report.

Construction Project Closeout Agenda

The Agenda for a construction project closeout may include:

  • Administrative Closure
  • Contractual Closure
  • Verification and Acceptance of Project Deliverables
  • Post-Project Assessment
  • Lessons Learned from the Project
  • Post-Project Evaluation and Review
  • Recognition and Celebration of Outstanding Work Accomplished
  • Completion and Archiving of Project Final Records
  • Transfer of Knowledge to Those Continuing or Maintaining Operations

Construction Project Closeout Documents

All of the steps mentioned above carry with them the obligation to provide complete and accurate records of all steps undertaken. On large projects with multiple contractors and working within governmental, environmental, or industry guidelines, the paperwork alone can quickly swamp even the most prepared and organized office.

PRI Graphics in Phoenix, follows construction project closeout best practices. They understand how imperative it is to have an accurate paper trail of all that has transpired during the construction project’s development. Items on the project closeout list might include:

  • Concept Documents
  • Submission Documents
  • Construction Plans
  • Developmental Phase Documents
  • Specification Manuals
  • Safety Documentation
  • Warranty Documentation
  • Distribution Phase Documents
  • Government or Environmental Agency Documentation

Closeout Activities

With accurate document scanning and archiving (plus storage and retrieval services or printing, if necessary) even if there are hundreds or thousands of construction documents, compiling your construction project closeout report should be relatively easy.

Phoenix printers PRI Graphics, uses the latest printing software to track every edit, addition, and revision to your construction documents. Along with expert scanning and archiving plus document storage and retrieval services, they also offer professional document distribution services.

Your records will be organized using the latest tracking software and a document management system designed to handle any level of information intensity. As a result, any revisions or amendments done throughout the evolution of the construction project can be documented, archived, and retrieved accurately and efficiently.

Closeout Process

Regardless of your construction project closeout needs, the expert staff at PRI Graphics in Phoenix, AZ have the knowledge and experience in dealing with file management, scanning, archiving, organizing, and even OCR (Optical Character Recognition) related tasks.

For accurate project closeout best practices and help with document scanning and archiving throughout the life of your construction project, PRI Graphics can be reached at 602-393-3131, by email, or by calling Toll Free at 877-409-8889.

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4 Benefits of Document Scanning and Archiving

Whether you need it in black and white or in color, document scanning and archiving will provide your company with four key benefits including:

  1. Saving you storage space
  2. Saving you time – better document organization and retrieval
  3. Saving you money – less overhead
  4. Immediate access to all versions (complete with all edits and highlighting)

Less Storage Space Required

Phoenix printers, PRI Graphics, uses small and large format scanners as part of their electronic archiving and records management system. This means that all your important documents, regardless of size, can be captured and preserved in the best possible format for your needs. This electronic document scanning and archiving system will help you eliminate the need for costly storage of actual physical copies while decreasing your company’s overhead.

Faster Access and Easier Document Retrieval

Since all of your important documents will be scanned and filed according to your specified criteria (by name, date, indexing, and the files and folder system you specify), they will be much easier to locate and access. All your documents will be scanned in high resolution and organized at your discretion. This will allow you to not only find and retrieve them faster, but also print them (if necessary) in hard copy format idential to the original scanned hard copy document. Electronic document archiving means that important documents can easily be available and printed, or shared electronically on CD, DVD, or USB.

Decreased Overhead

By law, all businesses are required to keep a record of all tax documents for seven years. Depending on your type of business, this can be an exceptionally high volume of important documents. In the past, businesses were forced to keep hard copies of everything. All  those hard copies would take up a lot of floor space and the cost of this excess storage would add up quickly, negatively impacting the company’s overhead. Today, saving hard copies is an unnecessary expense. With electronic document scanning and archiving, companies can now keep an accurate record of all their important documents without having to keep any hard copies. So, if the tax department does request further information, any needed document can be instantly accessed and printed or shared using this electronic document management system.

Immediate Access to All Document Versions

During the process of doing business the same important document may undergo frequent changes or revisions and pass through the hands of numerous people. For a lot of companies, it is imperative to not only accurately document and archive each revision, but also be able to easily access and retrieve any specific revision as needed. Through every stage of the document’s creation every detail, edit, highlighting, addition, or revision can be scanned and archived, and then added to the electronic document storage and retrieval system. Document scanning and archiving is highly cost effective, highly efficient, and for today’s modern business practices, it is ideal for document storage and retrieval, as well as for efficient document distribution.

Still Have Questions About Document Scanning and Archiving?

To get the most out of any document scanning and archiving services it will be necessary to carefully plan the document storage and archive procedures. The experts at PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona can help you develop and implement the best electronic document management system for your business.

You can reach them by email or at 602-393-3131, or by calling Toll Free at 877-409-8889.