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Mar 06

Color Presentation Printing

By PRI Graphics | Large Format , Marketing , Signs

Color window graphics for Hi-Health by PRI Graphics

Why Presentation Printing in Color Is Better If you are attempting to use printed material to attract new customers or to inform existing and potential customers of your products, services, or events, color presentation printing is well worth considering. Presentations printed in color tend to receive much better attention and response than if printed in […]

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Mar 03

Latex Printing vs Solvent Printing

By PRI Graphics | Print FAQ's

Banner photo of images being printed on an inlet printer at PRI Graphics

How Is Latex Printing Different from Solvent Printing? What is latex printing? As the successor to solvent-based technology, latex printing has wider applications, offering quicker turnaround times and superior quality output. Latex ink printing also has no lengthy curing requirements so the profit potential is greater. The colors are solid, the consistency outstanding, and latex […]

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