The Art of Large Format Printing by PRI Graphics

Many types of printing services can be completed using professional small format printers similar to the desktop models that are found in many offices.

Although most jobs can be done with flatbed digital printing, others that demand larger formats with superior printing quality will require the services of professional large format printing companies like PRI Graphics in Phoenix, Arizona.

PRI Graphics utilizes large format color printers and black and white printers that offer superior product and print quality.

We are also able to print onto various types of unique printing materials that extend beyond paper, such as vinyl, metal, glass, fabric, canvas, wood, and many other unique materials.

When you need to print larger surfaces or materials, large format printing (also known as wide format printing) is the most common option that yields affordable, professional, high quality results.

What Is Large Format Printing?

Our Phoenix large format printing services are utilized when we need to apply ink to a large surface area, such as a banner, a window graphic, or blueprints.

  • Wide or large format printing – prints on materials that range in size from 18 – 100 inches.
  • Super wide or grand format printing – prints on materials that extend beyond 100 inches.

Some of these printing machines operate in a fashion similar to desktop-style inkjet printers but on a much larger scale. Other large format printers use different techniques to achieve professional results on different types of surfaces and substrates.

What Large Format Printing Can Be Used For

PRI Graphics offers specialized large format printing services for clients throughout Arizona. This type of specialized printing has many applications for both personal and professional use. Some examples include:

Generally speaking, large format printing is done on paper and cardboard materials but other printing materials may include foam board, PVC piping, metal, canvas, fabric, and other material types used for dramatic effect.

What are the Different Types of Large Format Printing?

With so many different ways that large format printing can be utilized in professional and private environments, there are numerous printing types and ink types that are used to achieve the desired results.

Quality large format printing is usually achieved through aqueous ink transfer or non-water-based ink transfer processes:

1. Aqueous Ink Transfer Printing – Fade Resistant UV Ink

With aqueous ink transfer processes, dye or UV ink may be used to achieve beautiful results. UV ink is designed so that it will not fade when exposed to UV light, so it may be more suitable for use in outdoor applications. All aqueous printing projects must generally be coated so that the material holds onto the ink.

2. Non-Water-Based Ink Transfer Printing – Durable Results

Non-water-based ink transfer processes generally yield more durable results, but that can be odorous because they use solvents. Typically, solvents are used when non-paper products must be printed on. For example, glass and ceramics, metal, and wood are common materials used during this large format printing processes.

Our team of professional printers at PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ can help you to determine which type of large format printing services can be most beneficial for your current needs. We employ a wide range of techniques for wide format printing to meet the unique needs of our clients, with quick turnaround times.

For more information on large format printing please contact us online, or call our Phoenix print shop Toll Free at 877-409-8889 to speak directly with our printing experts.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2014 and has recently been revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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7 Professional Design Tips for Printing Business Cards


You only have one chance to make a great first impression.

Why not improve your chances of making a memorable impression time and again by maximizing the use of a stylish and savvy looking business card?

At PRI Graphics, our business card printing experts have put together these seven simple, but powerful design rules for making a lasting impression with your business card.

Tip #1 – Use a Photograph

When you have been in a one-to-one meeting, your business card may be remembered for a short while after it was handed over. However, as days and weeks pass, the individual you gave the card to will be much less likely to recall you and your business, unless there was a personal note written on the card to prompt their memory.

Like they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so by adding a great photograph to your business card, it will not only increase that card’s value but will also make it that much easier for the individual to link you with your business card.

Tip #2 – Less is Always Better

It’s not necessary to add your entire resume to your business card. Your business card is like your elevator pitch, you have a matter of minutes, if not just seconds to sell you, your business, or your ideas. The most effective business cards contain just the relevant information necessary for the customer to know who you are, what you are about, and how to contact you. Keep it simple with plenty of space and it will be easier to read at a glance.

Tip #3 – Include the Important Information

Your business card can be used to tell others your position in the business, your brand (business name and logo), and most importantly, how to contact you. However, when printing business cards you must also consider what not to tell people. Share only the essential information on your business care, the rest you can share online, within your social media and through conversations you may engage in.

Tip #4 – Make Your Business Card Easy To Read

Unless you’re an artist and wish to use your business card to show off certain skills, keep your business card legible. Avoid unique fancy fonts and keep the font size large enough to be read easily. Do not try to reduce the font size to fit more words onto the card (refer back to Tip #2 and #3). You don’t want the recipient to get distracted from the core information they need to know, or worse yet, discard the business card because they couldn’t read it. You want people to be able to read and grab your information at a quick glance.

Tip #5 – Choose a Spectacular Finish

There are several business card design options that can help make your card stand out, such as:

  • Printing on both sides of the card
  • Using the business card as an appointment reminder
  • Adding rounded corners
  • Embossing or applying foil

PRI Graphics digital printing experts recommend that you stay with the most common business card size so that it will fit into a standard holder. You should also match your extra card embellishment choices to your industry.

Tip #6 – Print Enough So You Don’t Run Out

Having enough business cards on hand is very important. You don’t want to be left without a business card after meeting an important potential customer or networking partner. At the same time you don’t want to print too many business cards and risk them becoming outdated or irrelevant and having to be discarded. Ask our stationery printing department about our quick turnaround times so that you know when to reorder!

Tip #7 – Keep Your Print Quality Professional

You may be tempted to buy a cheap pack of blank cards from your local office supplies store and print your own business cards from home. Business card templates downloaded from the Internet make this very easy to do. However, they will never equal the quality of business stationery printing from your local print shop. You will only save a few dollars and risk looking unprofessional or not established in your industry.

Final Thoughts on Business Card Design

While business cards are just small pieces of card stock or plastic (similar in size to a credit card), they effectively represent you, your personality, and the presentation of your business brand. It may be okay to break some of these business card rules depending on your line of work and what you wish to say. Check out our article on Business Stationary Trends.

The key to a successful business card is making it professional, relevant, and appropriate for your industry.

Call Phoenix’s PRI Graphics at 877-409-8889 and let us help make your business cards stand out from the pack, so you make that lasting first impression you deserve.

(Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in July 2015 and has since been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.)

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Custom Vinyl Wall Covering Benefits

Thanks to modern printing technology and decorative wall covering options, gone are the days of bland and sterile offices and retail spaces.

Most of our PRI Graphics customers recognize the aesthetic appeal of wall coverings. However, few are aware of all of the other advantages and benefits of using decorative vinyl wall coverings in their place of business.

In this PRI Graphics blog post, we will discuss seven great benefits of vinyl wall covering materials for commercial applications.

1. Wall coverings create a memorable experience.

Thanks to vinyl wall coverings, businesses can create a true rich experience for their customers and enhance both the interior and exterior look of their business. With commercial wall coverings, you can stand out from the rest of the competition and create a lasting impression so that your customers will remember not only your products and services but also your place of business.

2. Wall coverings offer customization at a fraction of the cost.

Vinyl wall coverings allow for great customization. For example, PRI Graphics has recently printed and installed a custom wall covering for a hotel on Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii, featuring the work of a renowned local Hawaiian artist. Typically, this hotel chain’s interior designers have access to only half a dozen stock wallpaper themes but in this case, the hotel was able to honor the local artist by using his artwork as part of the hotel’s décor.

3. Wall coverings help reinforce your brand.

Many businesses forget to use every square foot possible to create a lasting brand impression. Other stock wallpaper options do not allow most businesses to personalize their walls, whereas custom wall coverings allow for the incorporation of corporate colors, logos, and even slogans.

4. Wall coverings come in semi-permanent and permanent options.

At PRI Graphics in Phoenix AZ, we use a variety of materials and adhesives for our large format wall coverings, which allows for varying degrees of permanence. While some businesses prefer to change their look often with the changing seasons or special events, other businesses seek a permanent wall covering.

5. Wall coverings are economical with excellent cost savings.

Wall coverings can last up to five times as long as paint, under normal usage conditions. Although you may pay a little more at the start, wall coverings can result in savings of up to 30% over time compared to paint.

6. Wall coverings are durable and virtually maintenance free.

Unlike painted walls that must be cleaned frequently to maintain a like new appearance, wall coverings are very durable and require little or no maintenance over the years.

7. PRI Graphics’ wall coverings are made with eco-friendly ink.

For many large format printing projects like custom wall coverings, PRI Graphics uses a latex ink, wide format printer. The latex ink is a better quality ink that is versatile and more eco-friendly because it is water based.

To learn more about the benefits of custom wall coverings by our Arizona printing company, or to order your own custom wall covering, visit PRI Graphics in Phoenix or Mesa, or call us toll free at 877-409-8889.

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