On-site Services

Buy or Lease On Site Printing Equipment

In a fast paced and competitive environment, you may need the ability to print on-demand, and now in your office.  Today’s world demands prints at a fair price, and very fast.  PRI Graphics provides services to place equipment in your office by purchase (or lease), to give you an advantage of having printers available around the clock in your office. This not only is a convenience factor, but allows you to mark up the printing charges and create a printing profit center for your company.

Call PRI Graphics locally at 602-833-2923 or toll free at 1-877-395-9490 to learn more.

Arizona On-site Printing Equipment and Service

PRI Graphics offers a large selection of high quality printers and copiers that will meet the needs of your office. Our equipment will produce the results that you desire at very little cost to the company.

Newer technologies also enable businesses to track what is being printed and assign the printing to a specific client or employee. This allows businesses to bill clients accordingly for printed materials and helps track employee usage.

Service agreements are offered with all of our equipment. We have a four-hour response time on service calls, and we promise we will try to help you restore your printing capabilities over the phone to avoid service call charges. We believe that it is more important for the client to be satisfied with our service than to provide an unnecessary service call.

High seed and large volume machines are available. Businesses can select from black and white or full color printers and copiers for their business. A variety of service plans are available.

For extensive or bulk run printing businesses may want to opt to use the printing services offered by our company instead of running them through their office machines. PRI Graphics is a full-service printing and graphics company that offers a complete line of paper, decal, sign, and advertising material printing services.

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Or call PRI Graphics locally at 602-833-2923 or toll free at 1-877-395-9490.