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Flyers and leaflet printing are great ways to reach potential customers in a cost-effective manner.

With digital printing, flyers can easily be printed and distributed by hand in a door-to-door method, at public events, or even trade shows and conventions. Many local newspapers will also insert pre-printed flyers and leaflets into their publications for a small distribution fee.

People respond well to printed flyers and leaflets because they are something that can be kept until needed. Unlike print advertising in newspapers that is seen and then forgotten, a flyer can be saved in a file or drawer until the person is ready to use the product or service. The act of keeping the flyer is almost a guarantee that they will remember and use your business.

Flyer Printing in Phoenix

You can have a flyer printed for any reason including as part of your presentation materials. PRI Graphics has in-house design professionals that can help you design, create and print flyers or leaflets for your business. They can help you decide on style, content, and even what types of paper or colors to use for the best response.

Flyers and leaflet printing can be single or double sided, and can be printed on almost any type of paper. The versatility of flyer and leaflet printing allows businesses to be creative while still remaining within their marketing budgets.

Custom Leaflet Printing

Leaflets are generally 8.5”x 5.5´in size. Even though they are half the size of a standard flyer, they are just as effective as the flyer for getting the word out about your product or services. Many businesses opt for leaflet printing when they are distributing information about a single product or service.

PRI Graphics in Mesa and Phoenix AZ offer full professional graphic design services for custom graphics so that our clients can use this smaller space more effectively. Design styles will vary due to the customers’ needs, but all options that are available for flyers, such as paper and ink choices, are also available with leaflet printing.

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